Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are well.

I’ve got lots to share with you this week so get comfy for a few minutes.

We are back with the group sessions this week after having a week off and it was a brilliant start to the week with our Offerton session. I asked the team to collect some feedback from the members and I’m not going to lie, those guys had me in tears with their comments. You can check out the full post on Instagram (the link is just to the left), but I’ve added a couple of comments here too to give you an idea of what they said about attending the sessions and the connections that have been made.

It’s so fantastic to hear that’s so many members value the connections that they have made and they continue those relationships outside of the group session. It really is a huge part of our mission – building a community!

I felt very lost and isolated after my second daughter and had no idea how to find any support or meet other mums that were feeling similar ( I talk more about this in the video I posted below), it was a really scary and difficult time, especially compared to my first experience of motherhood. It literally bowled me over in so many ways that i just wasn’t prepared for. So over time I just had this little idea that I wanted to create a space for mums to come together, exactly how they were day to day, and share their experiences and build a support network. It started as little coffee morning and has flourished in to the project you see today.

My own self awareness has grown so much over the last four years too, I’ve gone from believing I was an anxious person who was highly sensitive to believing that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. It’s definitely been a progress over perfection road, something I’ve massively had to learn is ok. I went from being super critical of myself to being super compassionate and allowing my wisdom to shine through instead of always believing my ego and trying to use my intellect to boost my wellbeing.


spent a long time stuck in my own head, letting things I had experienced define who I was in that time of my life, I lost sight of who I was and what my purpose was. I didn’t have a tribe, I didn’t have a group to go to, I didn’t know how to explain how I was feeling, I was just very low and just existing for the sake of my girls. This project gave me a whole new purpose, it supported me to reconnect to myself and wisdom, it helped me reach out and find the right support and it inspired me to create something that helps other women do the same. It helped me find my truth and my sense of self and I am to date, the most self assured version of me ❤️

Much love, Vik ❤️



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