Happy new year!

I hope it’s been a great start for you, but if it’s not, that’s ok, there’s plenty of opportunity still ahead of you.

This week I want to share some benefits of exploring the three principles which I apply to my daily life; the up days, the down days and the in between days. It’s massively impacted my relationships, my self esteem and self worth, it’s helped me to understand what it means to live life on life’s terms and has supported my own self awareness.

Benefits of the 3 principles are:

❤️ Clarity: The 3 principles help to clarify the nature of thought and understanding, providing a framework for understanding how our minds work and how we perceive the world around us.

❤️ Insight: The 3 principles can help us gain insight into our own thought patterns and behaviours allowing us to identify and change negative or limiting thought patterns and recognise when we are in a lower state of mind.

❤️ Personal growth: By understanding the 3 principles, we can better understand ourselves and our emotions, leading to personal growth and self-awareness, we don’t take emotional fluctuations too seriously and understand our habits and actions more clearly due to our level of consciousness at that time

❤️ Increased well-being: By understanding and embracing the 3 principles, we can improve our overall well-being and happiness, as they provide a framework for understanding our emotions and relationships. And that we create our own reality moment to moment through thinking

❤️ Improved relationships: By understanding the 3 principles, we can better understand and communicate with others, leading to improved relationships and stronger connections with others.

We actually don’t talk about the principles in the membership that much, it’s not something we learn, it’s more about what we do and feel, it’s in our habits, our thinking, our responses, our self talk, our boundaries, it’s a way of living and feeling, not something to try and learn.

Everything you want to become, you already are. Each version of you unfolds from deep within. Every time you shed layers of fear and conditioning, the most powerful, liberated and expansive version of you is revealed, keep unravelling and coming home to yourself – Megan Lane 

Much love, Vik

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