The Circle of life …. 


Becoming a mum and raising two girls in this world is my biggest achievement. Loosing my own mum has been my biggest heart ache…. But the two have shaped me into the person I am today and I love this version of myself …. 

The circle of life (Elton John jumps in my head every time I write that) is something we are all on, it is the reality of the human race.. We are born, we live and we die… 

Becoming a mum was something I knew I always wanted… the pregnancy, the cute baby clothes, the snuggles, the son or daughter of my own, but it was only when I actually stepped into the role of bringing life into this world did I really understand how much nurturing, care and attention our children need; from the minute they are born until forever! It is by far (in my opinion) the most important job in the world. You kinda know it’s big beforehand, but you don’t really understand how big it is until you’re in it and it’s huge really isn’t it? 

I believe I owe my children everything as I chose to bring them into this world, and they don’t owe me a thing; the hope is that they will pay it forward to their families if or when they choose to have their own.  I also believe that my influence on them is of the highest importance, by this I mean, lead by example through life. That’s not to say I try to be perfect, but I do try to be real and that takes continuous self reflection and self awareness. 

I aim to support my girls through the high and the lows, to show them that nothing is more important to me than them. That when they need something they come to me and we figure it out together, that when they make a mistake they don’t fear me, they think ‘mum (&dad) will know how to help me with this’, that I am their first point of call and they feel safe in my presence whilst building their own resilience. 

I don’t pretend to find these aspects of motherhood easy, especially when I was caring for my own mum and raising the girls at the same time, but  I do find parenting rewarding, and I find it a privilege that I get to learn and grow with them, alongside raising them.

I love to watch my children grow and develop their own personalities, I love to be there as guidance as well as their protector.   I get to love more deeply than I ever could of imagined, I get to know what it feels like to listen to my girls reminisce about my mum through their own memories and I have the greatest sense of resilience because of the roles I’ve faced in recent years. 

My mum wasn’t perfect by any means, but she never tried to be, she had her own insecurities that sometimes got the better of her,  but the one thing she did show me (and my sisters) was unconditional love, no matter how may mistakes we made or all the stupid things we did, she was always there with comfort and silliness. 

There will be things I do that drive my girls mad over the years, but as long as I move with good intentions and hold them, myself and my husband at the top of my priority list, life will always be ok. 

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