Focused wellbeing Sessions 

Our Wellness sessions are a recurring  event, once a month at Heaton Norris community centre. They include a variety of holistic therapies and health workshops including, reiki, massage, music therapy, journaling, vision boards making, family PT sessions, baby wearing dance session and much more. Each session will be different and invites local business women, wellness coaches and holistic therapists to come and give a  sample of their services and created a greater sense of community connection. Our focused wellness sessions are held to promote self care that extends outside of our groups sessions and overflows to the whole family, we promote self love and self worth and to engage our members to focus on their mental health and wellbeing as pose to only focusing on the challenges life may present. There is great value and benefit from taking some time out for yourself and enjoying some mindful moments, it builds on daily healthy habits and instils the desire to prioritise ones self as well as provide for those that depend on you.

Our focused sessions are the last Thursday of the month at our Heaton Norris session



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