121 Wellbeing Sessions

121 Wellbeing Sessions

Reiki, Release and Reload Sessions

1hr and 15 min sessions focusing on dropping into your wellbeing and taking some time to rest your whole being. The session includes a pre recorded meditation to aid you in to a state of relaxation, then an unblocking reiki energy session, followed by a reload chat and hand massage. The session supports deep relaxation which allows your body to let go of any builds up tension and stress.


Coaching Through Conversation Sessions

1 hour zoom session. Coaching through conversation empowers you to reconnect to your own wisdom and innate wellbeing. Life can often present events that lead us away from our natural state of wellbeing and aid a state of hyper vigilance and a heighten state of being. I mentor you in a way that guides you back to  a calm state of being by dropping into the present moment and responding to life as it happens rather than predicting or preempting situations that have not yet happened or overanalysing past situations that are out of your control.

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Reiki, Coaching through conversation

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