Our Services

Weekly peer support group session

We currently have two peer support sessions running over the week. Monday in Offerton and Thursday in Heaton Norris. The group sessions are free to attend, donations are welcome but not essential. The sessions aim to provide a welcoming environment for you to meet other mums, get some breakfast, access support and share experiences in a non judgemental way. We often have holistic therapy on offer and we are able to signpost to outside services if ever needed. The group sessions provide an informal meeting place that helps to build connection and engagement and supports you in and your little one/s with social interaction.

Mindfulness Membership

I have created a brand new private coaching membership that focuses on mindfulness, meditation and overall emotional wellbeing. So let me tell you a bit more about why I wanted to create this platform for you….

As I have already mentioned, In 2017 I experienced postnatal anxiety and depression and it was a very scary time. I felt totally out of control in my own life and my own self care was non-existent. I was literally surviving whilst being everything to everyone else.

I was offered some simple therapies, but it was only when I was introduced to the concept that is the three principles that I really began to change my mindset and my way of thinking and it has literally been life changing for me.

Over my 18 years experience working with families; I have specialised in child development and family support. I am also certified in addressing and supporting perinatal mental health, coaching and mindfulness, but my biggest driving force for the membership is my own lived experiences and the way I have self developed over the last 4 years.

The membership will consist of a weekly meditation, a weekly group Q&A session, plus daily tips and tasks that will guide you into trusting that you have all the wisdom you need to achieve anything you want, as well as live in a calm state. The membership will provide an online environment that you can tap into and access meditation and yoga videos (all suitable for beginners), share insights as you go along, learn breathing and calming techniques and build a community that will encourage you to feel connected to others but most importantly connected to yourself.

Please be aware that when I say meditation I mean a relaxed state of mind where I guide you to be completely present in the moment and enjoy some relaxation.( no humming is involved). Meditation can often be misunderstood and put people off ever exploring it.

When I first created CC&S three years ago, I didn’t really have a long term goal or plan, I just wanted to let it grow organically and follow the lead of those that attend the peer support sessions, however, one of the biggest subjects talked about in group sessions is around overwhelm and managing everything that comes with raising a family and that feeling of being burnt out. I can totally relate to this and it’s why I created the project in the first place, because I was feeling all those things and just didn’t know how to manage it.
I have worked with a coach myself for the last two years and this is an important part of my own continuing self development. I also have a very good care routine in place now and I have firm boundaries regarding my mental health. I can honestly say I am the strongest version of myself to date and I really want to guide others with the things I’ve learned and create a space where we can continue to learn together.

Coffee, chill & spill is a community initiative project and whilst I plan to continue to offer the peer support sessions out for free,  A percentage of the profit that is made from all other services will go into the running of the group sessions, and for every 5 subscribers in the membership, one subscription will become available for donation.


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Monthly social pregnancy group

Coffee, chill and Spill provides a monthly pregnancy social on the last wednesday of the month at Heaton Norris, 7 till 9 pm. These sessions give the opportunity to ask questions in a peer support environment with others that are pregnant too and those that have had children. The sessions create a safe space to talk openly about any worries surrounding pre and postnatal  experiences and give access to information about what is available in terms of support in the community after delivery.  The sessions aim to give expectant mums the confidence to feel assured about the decisions they have around becoming  parents and the sessions are open to all expectant mums, not just first time mums. The sessions cost  £7 and bring a valuable source or connection as women share their experiences and offer non judgemental support to one another.

Well being days

We run a wellbeing day every other month, so around every six weeks. The day  consists of holistic therapy, local small business, mindfulness meditation, yoga and/or a fitness class aimed at supporting women pre and postnatally. The wellbeing days will be ticketed and the charge will be inclusive of all holistic and fitness services bar the products on offer from any small local business that attends. 10% of any profit made will be donated to the weekly peer support sessions we run. Gift voucher are available, so you can treat someone you love to a few hours just for them, a gesture that is very well received when life is so busy. 

Wellbeing boxes

Each box is designed to support  a mother with her own wellbeing and mindfulness. For every box sold, a small  bag is created for a charitable cause (mother and baby units or community groups).


The opportunity to join together or hire my time to support other projects. Charged by the hour.

I currently freelance for Foreverwild forest school supporting their forest babies sessions that support maternal wellbeing.