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Coffee, Chill and Spill - Private Membership

Since starting Coffee Chill & Spill in January 2019 we have supported & improved the wellbeing of 100s of women, through community connection and private group coaching. 

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Mindfulness Membership

A monthly subscription membership that creates a warm and welcoming online community engaging you in a weekly meditation and support sessions encouraging you to be more present in your own life.

Wellbeing Days

A day designed for you.  From holistic treatments like reiki, yoga and massage, this day is designed to help melt any tension and gives opportunity to prioritise some time for yourself and enjoy a few hours that are centered around your own wellbeing and self care.

Weekly Peer Support Group

We offer weekly peer support sessions providing a safe and welcoming environment to meet other mums, share experiences and feel connected.  We also offer snacks, hot drinks, fruit and biscuits, so if you didn’t have a chance to eat before you come, it’s ok, we’ve got that covered.

CC&S Private Membership

Mindful Moments 

Mindful Meditation helps to support habit change and encourages being present in the moment, it helps with stress and can  improve sleep quality. Practicing mindfulness for just a few minutes each day will have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing.

What our members Say
“The membership is benefitting me as it enables me to carve out some time for myself during the week to relax and meditate and to talk through some of the difficulties and struggles I feel as a mum.
I appreciate that being mindful will take time and practice but just 6 weeks in I am already seeing things differently which is helping me daily”

About our Wellness Days

The day will consist of holistic therapy, local small business, mindfulness meditation, yoga and/or a fitness class aimed at supporting women pre and postnatally. The wellbeing days will be ticketed and the charge will be inclusive of all holistic and fitness services bar the products on  offer from any small local business that attends. 10% of any profit made will be donated to the weekly peer support session we run

About our weekly sessions

The weekly session is a really supportive space where mums come together and share experiences with each other with no judgement. The sessions aim to be uplifting, we laugh a lot, we are open and honest, we are safe space if you need to vent or cry, but we really aim to reassure, to support any thoughts of self doubt or worry over your efforts of being a good parent as well as supporting you in your own self care.

Benefits of the group sessions

We offer

Hand massage


Support groups

Family Sessions

Children Welcome

Community Connection

Open to women at any stage of motherhood

My initial thoughts were that the group would be for new mums, so mums with children aged 0-2 yrs. However, I really had no real plan in which direction it would go. The project has grown organically and adapted to the needs of the women who attend. The group is open to all women at any stage of motherhood. so it doesn’t matter how old your children are, YOU ARE WELCOME!

Children are welcome

Children are welcome and we have a nice space for them too. I am extremely thankful for the time and effort the volunteers put in, because without them it would be difficult to run. I also run the sessions over the holidays (when I’m not away), and we call them ‘Family sessions’. We use the centre to meet up and do crafts, play games etc, or we meet at a local park for a ‘walk and talk session’.  It gives mums that port of call when the idea of the school holidays can feel isolating and expensive.

Social Media

As well as the group sessions we also have a closed Facebook group that encourages women to share their concerns or experiences but also offer each other advice. Not everyone can get to the group session so this is another support resource for them to use.


Here is what a couple of the mums have said about attending the group –

I just want to thank you for this morning. I’ve come home feeling lighter! It was so refreshing to go to a group and not feel like you needed to play a certain role or worry about what people think of you. I think what you’re doing is fantastic.

I enjoy coming to the group as it is a relief to be around like-minded people. Whether you want to vent about your feelings or just sit and listen. Just having somewhere to go where there is no pressure or pretence is a great benefit to me.

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