About Me

I am 35 years old. I live with my Husband (who is literally my hero), our two girls, Eva and Isla and our dog Lilo. 

I have a BA hons degree in Childhood, youth and families and 15 years experience working in Early years and family support. 

I love red wine and good food. I love to read and listen to music, as well as visit new places. I combine all of these things to create a happy life and  to make new and fun memories with my family

I live life with anxiety, I manage this by being open about it, by challenging it daily and through exercise. It doesn’t define me, it’s just there, a tiny part of me!! 

I love engaging with people and I am Passionate about helping others so that is why i started blogging because #itsgoodtotalk

Coffee, chill and spill evolved from an Idea I had to reach out to other parents. My husband and I became parents four years ago and it was the most incredible experience, we now have two daughters and it’s amazing being their Mummy and Daddy. Like anything in life though, we experienced some situations that tested our emotions and I guess our resilience (me in particular). I had severe postnatal Anxiety after my second daughter was born and I found it extremely difficult to find anything within my community that I could turn to for support. I didn’t need or want anything that fuelled the way I felt, I needed something that helped me to feel safe so I could deal with what I was experiencing. I felt like I was failing my girls, I felt scared and I felt alone, alone in the sense of why I am feeling like this, why is this happening to me? I now have my anxiety under control, I love to exercise and go on mini breaks, I’ve also learnt that my wellbeing is so important and crucial so I can be the best mummy to my girls. Therefore, I wanted to create a sense of community for Mums to reach out. To know its ok to acknowledge your struggles, to share experiences and open up as you challenge any postnatal worry or stress.